Meet Jessica

Meet Jessica Bartel, the owner of BrainSpa, LLC. Jessica received her BS in Psychology from Brigham Young University. Jessica worked in and/or managed group homes for individuals with a variety of mental and physical handicaps before deciding to be a stay-at-home mom. She raised three incredible children for many years before she entered back into the work force as the Executive Vice President and Owner of Fenix Health Science, a dietary supplement company with formulates products for mental health concerns.



After 16 years of marriage, Jessica was exposed to severe and painful relationship betrayal that lead her to feeling ‘off’ for nearly two years that seemed to get worse rather than better. It wasn’t until Jessica began neurofeedback that she finally started healing and returning back to the person she once was. Later, she underwent neurofeedback on her son who had emotional dysregulation, aka BIG emotions, which were restored to normal levels for an 8 years old.  After these two life changing experiences Jessica knew this would be her calling and passion, to bring mental peace to those who struggle and desire more from their life.  Since BrainSpa’s opening, Jessica has served those struggling with symptoms associated with anxiety, ADHD, depression, stress, PTSD, relationship trauma, Autism spectrum Disorders, pain, insomnia, bipolar, memory, big emotions/anger, and peak performance.


Jessica and her three children live in Marietta. She is an active member of the Marietta Business Association, East Cobb Business Association, and the East Cobb Women in Business.