Neurofeedback Is The Most Effective Treatment Available

Neurofeedback works by using natural brain waves to create a feedback loop that allows the user to consciously control their own brain waves. It can be used to treat ADD, ADHD, and much more! It’s the only non-medication option that can be used with kids of all ages.


Make Your Life Easier

It’s no secret that having ADD or ADHD makes every day a struggle. Most of us try to cope with these difficulties while also dealing with other stresses in our lives – from careers and families to social events, finances, or even our personal relationships. BrainSpa is designed to help you move past that!

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The Most Advanced Brain Training Technology

BrainSpa uses the most cutting edge technology in the industry. The equipment has been validated and measured by many doctors and professionals. It is the best method that has been proven to treat ADD and ADHD without drugs.

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Studies show neurofeedback can improve depression, anxiety and ADHD.

Neurofeedback is a therapeutic tool used to gain more control over the electrical activity in your brain. It is a safe and highly effective modality used to minimize symptoms associated with ADHD, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, headaches and migraines, eating disorders, chronic pain, PTSD and many more.

Neurofeedback has been used for over 50 years for resolving a wide range of symptoms. The reason that BrainSpa is able to successfully treat more people than anyone else is that we focus on the symptoms you want to change and take a non-prescription and effective approach.