Memory Loss

Using Neurofeedback To Improve Your Memory

Neurofeedback trains the brain to become more efficient. In short, it helps to bring about physiological change. Using this therapy, you will be able to increase your ability to learn and retain information. As your memory improves, you will notice other aspects of your life changing for the better. You will find it easier to focus and concentrate on whatever you are trying to learn. You will be relaxed and able to handle stressful situations with a minimum of stress.


Improve Your Memory

BrainSpa uses neurofeedback to treat problems with short term memory, long term memory, focus, attention, and concentration. By getting the frequency and amplitude of your brain wave patterns under control, you can let your mind focus on what you want to think about.

Help For Attention

You Will Improve Your Memory

Our memory is constantly changing and improving. It is possible to not just improve, but significantly improve your memory in a short period of time once you stop depending on medications. All this is accomplished through Neurofeedback.

Relationship between Biofeedback and Neurofeedback


Biofeedback encompasses a broad range of physiological functions, while neurofeedback specifically targets brain activity.

Techniques and Equipment

Both use electronic monitoring devices, but neurofeedback requires EEG equipment to measure brainwaves.


Both techniques are used for therapeutic purposes, helping individuals manage and improve conditions related to stress, mental health, and physical health.

Principle of Operation

Both rely on the principle of operant conditioning, where individuals learn to modify their behavior based on real-time feedback from their physiological data.