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Whether you are struggling with something as bad as memory loss or just want help performing at your peak we are here for you. We are located here in Marietta so when you need neurofeedback services we are in the area.

BrainSpa will help you improve your memory, reduce anxiety and depression, and increase attention, learning, and focus.


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Neurofeedback is a class of brain training that has been used to help patients recover from a wide range of disorders. Most commonly it is used to treat conditions such as ADD/ADHD. It can also be helpful for people with depression, anxiety, and memory problems. The therapy is used on people of all ages (from kids to seniors) and can be effective even when other treatments have failed.

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Neurofeedback is a proven methodology to gain control and improve the health of the brain. First designed to treat epilepsy, neurofeedback is a non-invasive, safe, and effective way to reduce stress, enhance focus, and improve the quality of life in children and adults. Brain Spa is equipped with the best technology to assess and improve your life. Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, memory loss, or any other issues, we are here to help you. We use the latest technology to achieve this goal.